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Fiat at 78th Geneva Show

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Fiat at 78th Geneva Show

At the Geneva Showroom, Fiat presented a wide articulated stand of high visual impact. Made in collaboration with Centro Stile Fiat and global design agency “GTP-Gruppo Thema Progetti”, the concept of the exposition area is developed on a total surface of around 1350 square metres on two floors, proposing voluminous and sinuous architectural forms with a “premium” finish, played out over smooth white, plated glass and mirrored steel.

An original stand with high visual impact is born, which accompanies the visitors in a world rich of emotions, fantasy and style, all under the emblem of the best of “Made in Italy”.

After Frankfurt 2007 and the recent Bologna Motorshow, the by now famous reproduction of the Fiat 500, five times larger than the real, returns to Geneva. This time though, instead of the carousel with 5 cars, a passenger area on a 5:1 scale has been built, complete with front and rear seats, and some remarkable details such as the rear-view mirror, the luminous ceiling light and the gear shift. In the interior, you can either access the “VIP lounge” or the rear seat, which thanks to the appropriate mechanism, becomes a mobile overlook from which you can enjoy a privileged panoramic view of the bridge.

Under the spotlights we have the Grande Punto and Bravo models equipped with 1,3 and 1,6 litre Multijet propulsion. In particular the Fiat Bravo model displayed adopts the brand new 120 CV 1.6 Multijet with robotic Dualogic shift, which boasts an important supremacy: indeed, not only does it have a CO² value below the 120 g/km threshold, it’s also the first Euro5 vehicle in its category (in accordance with the limits of the future Euro5 law). The combined result of these technologies can be equated to the Fiat leadership on environmental themes, starting from CO² emmissions. In fact, in 2007 the Fiat Group reduced the average CO² emissions of vehicles sold in Europe by 19% in comparison to 1995. Still in 2007, as many as 23% of cars sold had CO² emissions inferior to 120 g/km and 67% inferior or equal to 140 g/km.

Boosted by these percentages and notwithstanding the decisions taken in the European headquarters, Fiat Automobiles commits itself to obtaining within 2012, the lowest average considered level of CO² emissions for its cars. Fiat intends to follow this objective via the introduction of an intervention plan aimed at motors, shifts, and cars, as well as the structural use of the Stop & Start system. Concluding the Helvetic exhibition, still under the banner of environmental respect, is the new prestigious Croma Must equipped with the brilliant 150 CV 1.9 Multijet – matched to a sequential automatic 6 speed gearbox – and furnished with a particulate filter (DPF) as standard. The “for life” system which lowers fine dusts and doesn’t require the use of additives for regeneration.

Finally, via the distribution of informational material and the arrangement of some totems on the stand, the public can discover the Fiat Group Automobiles Financial Services products. A financial company born a year ago by the equal joint venture between Fiat Group Automobiles and Crédit Agricole. The company goes side to side with the Fiat Group Automobiles brand, in Italy and Europe, with a sole mission: back the sales of motor-vehicles with the brand Fiat and Abarth, via financial products which are innovative and complete with high added value services, dedicated to the network of car dealerships, private clients and firms.