ABARTH Fiat Uno Turbo Club of South Africa


The rules that keep us in line.


The name of the club shall be “ABARTH Fiat Uno Turbo Club of South Africa” (hereinafter referred to as “Club”).

Use of Club Name and Website Address

The name and/or website address of the Club shall not be given by any Club Member (hereinafter referred to as “Member”) as their address for any trade, advertising, and business purposes or in connection with any legal proceedings, unless otherwise decided by the Executive Committee.

Colors and Badges / Motifs / Logos

  1. The offical Club sticker depicts the Club logo (white text with a red scorpion) and is meant to be affixed to the Member's car on the lower backmost part of the rear quarter window on the driver’s side of the car.
  2. One such sticker shall be made available for purchase upon membership.


Club Membership (hereinafter referred to as “Membership”) shall be open to any person over the age of 18 years, etc (refer other constitution)


  1. Any person can apply to become a Member by submitting his/her application on the prescribed Club Membership Form.
  2. All applications must be made by an individual in his / her own correct name and be signed by that applicant personally.
  3. In order to become eligible for membership of the Executive Committee a member shall be a member of the club for no less than one year (in good standing).

Spouse/partners of Members

  1. The spouse/partner of any Member will become an automatic Honorary Member of the Club.
  2. Honorary Members can however purchase their own Club merchandise and clothing.
  3. Honorary Members will be able to vote, serve on Committees, excluding the Executive Committee, even if the Fees of the Main Member are current.

Annual Membership Fees

  1. Fees are payable on the 1st of the month following the end of the Club Membership Term (hereinafter referred to as “Term”). The Term shall be the month the Member joined the Club plus 12 months.
  2. Any Member who has not paid their Fees within one calendar month of the date, on which it falls due, shall be assumed to have resigned from the Club.


  1. Any Member may resign from the Club at any time. No refunds of Fees will be allowed.
  2. The resigning Member must inform the Club (Executive Committee) in writing and must remove their Sticker on the car or any Club property that they may hold in their possession.


Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee shall consist of no more than 4 members.
  2. The Executive Committee shall consist of the following Members (but not all of these are compulsory, each branch must decide for themselves which of the below are applicable / neccesary):
    1. Chairman
    2. Vice Chairman
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
  3. These Executive Committee Members shall be elected once a year at one of the Meetings held, typically in February of each year, at the annual AGM.
  4. Should a Committee Member not be able to complete their elected year in said position a new Committee Member will be elected at the following Meeting.
  5. Each Member of the Executive Committee shall have one vote. In the event of a tie the Chairman shall cast the deciding vote.
  6. The Members of the Executive Committee shall have the following duties:
    1. To expend the funds of the Club in such a manner as they shall consider most beneficial for the purposes of the Club and to invest in the name of the Club, such part thereof as they may think fit and to direct the sale or transposition of any such sale for the purpose of the Club.
    2. To enter into contracts on behalf of the Club, as may be approved at any Meeting of the Members.
    3. In the event of disciplinary or any other hearing the decision of the Executive Committee will be final.


  1. The Chairman, together with the Treasurer shall be in charge of all financial transactions and safekeeping of Club funds and property.
  2. Should a tie arise from voting within the Executive Committee or any other Sub-Committee, the Chairman shall cast the deciding vote.

Vice Chairman

  1. The Vice Chairman shall act as Chairman at any and all events where the Chairman cannot be present.
  2. Should the elected Chairman not be able to fulfil his/her election period and / or duties he / she shall be replaced by the Vice Chairman for the remainder of the election period and a new Vice Chairman shall be elected at the following Meeting.


  1. The Treasurer, together with the Chairman shall be in charge of all financial transactions and safe keeping of Club funds and property.
  2. The Treasurer will confirm, together with the Chairman that all the monthly expenses and incomes of the Club do in fact correlate with the current funds available to the Club.
  3. The Treasurer will be available at General Meetings for Member/s to approach for a report at his / her / their request.
  4. Should the Treasurer be unable to attend a Meeting this will be done by the Vice Chairman.


  1. The Secretary shall be responsible for reporting to the Members at the Meetings any and all decisions taken by the Executive Committee.
  2. The Secretary shall be responsible for taking votes and recording results of votes both within the Executive Committee as well as in the Meetings.
  3. Should the Secretary not be able to attend a Meeting his / her responsibilities will be carried over to the Chairman.

Voting of Executive Committee Members

Each Committee Member present at a meeting of the Committee shall be entitled to exercise one vote. The Committee shall vote by ballot if any Committee Member present so demands. No absentee votes will be allowable. In case of a tie the Chairman shall cast the deciding vote.

Meetings of the Club

General Meeting

A General meeting of the Club shall be held once a month or as set by the Executive Committee. The meeting will normally be held during the first weekend of the month. This will only take action when the club has more than 10 members. These meeting will be held at a specified location, still to be announced.

Emergency Meeting

An Emergency Meeting shall be called when deemed necessary by the Chairman & at least one supporting Executive Committee Member.

The purpose of an Emergency General Meeting will be to discuss any matter, as is put forward by the Executive Committee, that is deemed too important or urgent to wait for the next general meeting.

Alteration of, Addition or Suspension of Rules

The Constitution and Rules shall not be altered, added to or suspended except only by a two-thirds majority vote of the Members present at a General Meeting or at an Emergency Meeting called for that purpose. Such proposed alteration, addition of suspension of Rules must be presented to the Members in writing by the Executive Committee.

Financial Year

The Financial Year shall be from the 1st of February to the 31st of January of each year.

Club Funds

All income and property of the Club shall be applied solely towards the objectives of the Club and no portion shall be paid or transferred to a Member of the club as a bonus or dividend.

The Club may reimburse Members for expenses incurred for services rendered or goods purchased on the Club’s behalf. These expenses must be pre-approved, in writing, by the Executive Committee.


All monies received by or on behalf of the Club shall be kept in cash form by either the Chairman or Treasurer, until it is deposited into the Club’s bank account.

Each branch has their own bank account, and each branch’s chairman/treasurer will be responsible for ensuring any money is to be paid into the club’s bank account ASAP.

At the end of each month the Monthly financial statement shall be scrutinized by the Treasurer and he will be responsible for the safe keeping of all financial records. Said records must be available at any time for the scrutiny of the Executive Committee.

Auditor and Audit

If deemed necessary, the Executive Committee can appoint an external auditor who may be paid to carry out this task. All books, ledgers, and all other relevant information including an annual statement must be given to the appointed auditor to carry out the audit as required.

Winding up of the Club

The Club may be dissolved or wound up at any General Meeting or at an Emergency Meeting called for the purpose. Upon dissolution or winding up of the Club being approved by an absolute majority of Members then all liabilities will be settled by the Executive Committee. Any property or cash remaining after all outstanding liabilities have been settled shall be donated to a registered charity as decided by the Executive Committee.

General Rules of the Club

  1. All Members shall be over the age of 18 years.
  2. All Members with cars shall have a valid drivers license.
  3. All Members shall uphold the Club’s name as well as the names of all the corporate sponsors and affiliates at all times.
  4. All members of the club shall at all time refrain from manifesting racial, political, gender and religious discrimination in any way shape or form in the course of their activities.
  5. All documentation handed out at Meetings will be considered confidential and will not be left or be discarded at the venue of the Meeting.
  6. No team member shall order or manufacture their own Club logo / badge / clothing / stickers / embroidery without the written permission of the Executive Committee.
  7. Stickers are compulsory on the vehicles right rear quarter window
  8. Members should attend AT LEAST six events during the course of their Term to qualify for re-registration.
  9. All events organised by die Club, including Meetings, general or otherwise, are compulsory for all Members.
  10. All Club Members shall abide by these Rules.
  11. If the club finds that a club member does not comply with the club rules, the guilty party has to leave the club. The guilty party can keep all merchandise, except all stickers have to be removed from the guilty party’s car.

Events and Competitions

All competitions and events promoted and hosted by the Club shall be held under the rules and regulations of the Club. Classification of competitors shall be according to MSA classes where possible or as set out by the event coordinators. The event coordinators will have the final say on any dispute or rule changes.


On complaint by one or more Members to the Executive Committee any Member, a member of the Public or any other Organization or Club, may by a majority vote of the Committee be admonished, suspended or expelled from the Club for:

  1. Conduct considered being injurious to the Club.
  2. Causing or attempting to cause dissatisfaction or grievance amongst members of the Club, without first consulting the Committee.
  3. Being found guilty in a court of law of an act relating to driving a motor vehicle.
  4. Wilfully disobeying or abusing an elected official of the Club.
  5. Break the rules of the Club as set out in, but not limited to, the General Rules as set out elsewhere in this constitution.

A member, having been expelled from the Club, shall have no claim on any of the funds or assets of the Club or any claim for a refund of any unexposed portion of Fees.