ABARTH Fiat Uno Turbo Club of South Africa

About Us

Introducing the Abarth family.

The Abarth Fiat Uno Turbo Club of South Africa, or Abarth Club for short, is primarily a social club for people who all share a common interest – their passion for Uno Turbos. Our goal is to provide a way for the community of Uno Turbo enthusiasts in South Africa to connect with each other on many levels.

Initially, our efforts focused on the Western Cape, but we now have branches in Gauteng, the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal.

As a member of the Abarth club, you have access to a network of knowledgeable people you can trust to give you the right information and advice about your car. With Uno Turbos in mint condition becoming harder to find, and good-quality, yet affordable spare parts as scarce as hen’s teeth, it’s good to know someone who knows someone. There’s always a fellow booster who has what you’re looking for, or knows where to find it.

A lot of this contact takes place through the forum, but each region also holds its own regular club events, ranging from car events like gymkhanas and show and shine events to social get-togethers like breakfast runs, treasure hunts and the odd pool competition. Whenever we can, we also go as a group to attend mainstream car shows and racing events at the various track venues across the country.

The club caters for every type of Uno Turbo enthusiast. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a racer, purist or a daily driver. Whether you’re looking for an engine management system or a body kit, just the right part for that restoration project or merely the best deal on new tires for your car you’re equally welcome.

What’s important is that you love your Uno Turbo and want to share that passion with others who understand and share that joy. Ultimately, it’s about friendship and fun and helping each other out as any family would.