ABARTH Fiat Uno Turbo Club of South Africa


Even rocket scientists need to read the manual every now and then.

  • Expert tips on filling up
    Expert tips on filling up (General Maintenance)

    With yet another recent petrol price hike recently, we gladly share some fuel saving tips from a guy who's been working in the fuel industry in Durban for 31 years. Here at the Marian Hill Pipeline where I work in Durban, we read more »

  • Fitting a bleed valve
    Fitting a bleed valve (DIY / Small Upgrades)

    Remove the following to gain access to the turbo actuator hose: The intake hose to the airflow meter The hose from the airflow from the airflow meter to the turbo intake The joining hose and metal pipe from the turbo to the read more »

  • The car is smoking
    The car is smoking (Troubleshooting)

    One of the most common problems many Fiat Uno Turbo owners have, is that their car sometimes smokes when it’s idling. This is quite easy to fix (as a temporary measure only, since it causes damage to the read more »

  • Tracing a boost leak
    Tracing a boost leak (Troubleshooting)

    One of the most common problems experienced by many Fiat Uno Turbo owners, is what is commonly known as an “air leak”. It means that there could be a leak in one of the several rubber and/or metal pipes that carry read more »